FISCO is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with expertise in the field of financial and business consulting for over 2 decades now. The CFP designation is one of the most highly regarded certifications that are well-qualified to analyze a business’s / personal financial situation and provide the necessary advice. The expertise includes investment planning, estate planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, portfolio management, and so on for ultra HNIs or High Networth Individuals, salaried individuals, small business owners, proprietors, NRIs, so on, and so forth.

The professional approach of Bablu Mohan in the field of financial management of financial goals, risk, and wealth management has made the advisory services the most sought-after financial consultancy across the country. Some of the associations include Edelweiss Financial Services, Edelweiss Tokio Life, Niva Bupa, Hdfc Mutual Funds, Tata Mutual Funds, and so on.

In conjunction with providing the above, Bablu Mohan also has trained and hands-on expertise in training individuals to become professionally-independent financial consultants.

His clientele list includes over 25 established financial consultants in Kerala who have been successfully trained under his guidance.


To address specific needs of all types of business clientele and help build investor wealth. To assess the business’s financial situation and then provide proper advice with respect to the client’s schedules. Be it managing financial goals, risk management or wealth management, the key mission is to analyze the current business and provide professional financial advisory services.


To be the best-in-class comprehensive financial planning advisory services inexpensive portfolio management alternatives for clients who are trying to build up their business with lower assets. We envision our clientele businesses to reach different milestones in their financial lives through learning to manage multiple accounts simultaneously. To help businesses that have lost money on investments to re-evaluate their business portfolio and diversify it to improve their net worth over time.

Our Values

• We work with respect to your financial needs and goals after analyzing your current business, making a potential comparison of business classes, and then providing financial advisory services based on proven strategies, insights, and outcomes.

• We work closely with you and help you manage and review your business portfolio and keep close track of it with other retirement goals.

• If you are a business that has lost money in previous investment/ investment(s), we help you re-evaluate your business portfolio and diversify it so that you witness an improved net worth in the near future.

• Our expertise can help you create and manage estate plans to pass on assets to dear ones or even charitable organizations without worrying about huge tax burdens.

• We work based on a business’s unique financial situation. For instance, if an individual’s requirement is to protect his inherited assets, an estate plan may be recommended because it not only protects the inherited assets but also implements a strategy to help them grow over time.

• We provide personalized financial investment planning services and strive to place our clients’ best interests at all times.