How Do We Work For You?

We provide our expertise on two major domains, that will help you set your goals to achieve financial security: By being a Business Analyser and also a Financial Planner. Let’s take a walkthrough of the former and the latter individually:

(a) As A Business Analyser

(b) As A Financial Planner

(a) As A Business Analyser

The expertise of a professional business analysis expert comes from being able to perform comparisons between multiple businesses and identify whether the client’s ideal strategy for business development and success would be business diversification, or eliminating business ideas that bring no more income, or even change strategies in which they currently operate. Also, as professional business analysers, it is equally important to understand what the right time is for a business to scale up. At's, our expertise is to identify classes of business individuals ad salaried personnel and analyse what their regular source of income is and improve these businesses, to ensure a proper standard of living. At times, minor lifestyle changes can bring about major results. For instance, a business analyser can analyse scenarios where one makes use of his/ her income for personal errands, and thus go bankrupt in no time. This situation demands intervention of en expert business analyser and at Dr's, we perform exactly this. We advise the classes after proper analysis on various business advisory techniques and help them grow to a proper living standard.

With's years of expertise in providing Business Analysis services, our clientele gets to experience tailor-fit solutions that will resolve your business problems and increase your ROI.

(b) As A Financial Planner

Financial security comes from being able to set short-term, mid-term, as well as long-term financial goals. As a professional financial planning expert, at's, we strive to formally review your goals, maintain them in an up-to-date fashion, and also review them for progress tracking. We provide complete guidance on setting financial goals so that you gain a financial footing. We help you in setting near-term to distant goals, thereby helping you to run your business within your means, reduce cash troubles significantly, and save for retirement, as well.

The following are the key services we provide as a financial planner:

(1) Help manage financial goals Helping you manage your short-term. Mid-term, and long-term financial goals can give you clarity on how to spend money on your needs and wants. Financial goals can be want-based or need-based. Managing Want-based financial goals: This includes buying a property, business capital, world travel, and such objectives set aside on a want basis. Managing Need-based financial goals: This category includes education funding, regular income, marriage funding, early retirement, and pension planning as key goals.

(2) Effective risk management Potential hazards in business / personal life can either cause damages that can be time-consuming or costly at the same time. At's, we strive to provide risk management services that can help you anticipate and prepare for situations, irrespective of your business size and type. Our risk management includes Debt management and Risk transfer services. Additionally, Risk transfer includes managing critical illness situations, income protection, and Health insurance.

Managing risks by proper debt management: Making attempts to negotiate with your unsecured creditors will help in them accepting a lower monthly repayment, mostly over a longer period of time.

So if you are wondering how to reduce your debts, if any, in full under the revised terms, and confused whether your creditors will accept your proposal on the same, wait no more, call us at's wealth, risk, and financial management services, and we will have it all covered for you!

Incorporating effective risk transfer methods: At's, our experts help you protect your business through effective risk transfer strategies. With nearly two decades of expertise in helping businesses gain traction by avoiding potential risks, we understand that it is crucial for businesses to maintain relationships with consumers, vendors, contractors, as well as sub-contractors. Agreements are made and contracts will be negotiated during effective risk transfer. For instance, some contracts involve one party agreeing to assume the liabilities of the other party.

The following strategies are quintessentially incorporated for effective risk transfer to protect our clientele personal standard of living:

• Income protection

• Health Insurance

• Critical Illness

At's, our risk transfer specialists can handle a multitude of strategies to help your business survive threats of risks. For instance, the purchase of an insurance policy can make way for a specified risk of loss to pass away to the insurer from the policyholder. Holding harmless clauses in contractual agreements can provide insurance coverage for another individual’s reinsurance as well as related benefits. This not only covers critical illness concerns but also paves an ideal way for income protection.

(3) Professional wealth management When it comes to wealth management, different people possess different requirements. Some require investments that are safe and which will not fail. On the other hand, some require investment strategies that offer high returns. At's we understand your investment objectives and then rightly advise you on the best strategies to be followed. For example, if your objective is retirement funding, you must be willing to take in a specific amount of short-term risk along with an investment that is planned to be made available for a period later in life. On the other hand, if your objective is to make a deposit on the house, short-term safety must be your priority as you will need the full amount in the near future.

At's, our experts offer investment advice based on your investment objective. We focus on helping you design and incorporate an effective investment strategy that is appropriate for your requirements, by making use of investments that tailor-fit your business risk and tax position.

The following are our wealth management services at's wealth, risk, and financial management services:

(a) Investment Planning Financial services are chosen with respect to the client’s risk profile. At's, we analyze the current position of the clientele’s financial condition. For instance, an individual who is 50 years above will most probably have accumulated enough net worth for his retirement and maybe look forward to predominantly investing his time and effort in capital preservation.

With a conservative asset allocation of 45% in stock assets, let’s say which includes individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs or Exchange-Traded Funds and maybe a 55% of investment in bonds that are fixed-income assets, will be an ideal investment plan. On the other hand, a 40-year-old individual with a much smaller net worth may take more risk to improve their financial portfolio by a 70% stock asset allocation, a 25% fixed-income asset allocation, and a 5% alternative investment allocation.

At's, our experts provide complete guidance on various effective investment planning strategies that are aimed at improving our client’s business by proper allocation of investments to various assets.

(b) Portfolio Management Advisory's expertise as a financial and business consultant for around 2 decades now have been able to form a trusted network of over 25 established financial consultants in Kerala, including specialist Portfolio Managers, offering professional Portfolio Management Services (PMS) that can include stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, and also structured products, along with other individual securities. These are managed by our expert money managers who are tailored to meet your specific investment goals.

At's, our experts will offer you the freedom to choose and tailor your portfolio to address financial goals and other personal preferences. This being said, we will equally take care of your individual requirements and guide you in creating a unique portfolio that best suits your preferences and requirements.

The following are key portfolios that our experts may overlook to create a unique portfolio account for you:

• Discretionary: The timings of the investment decisions as well as the choices will depend on what decision the Portfolio Manager makes.

• Non-Discretionary: Here, the Portfolio Manager will only make suggestions over the various investment ideas. The timings of the investment decisions as well as the choices will solely depend only on the Investor. However, the Portfolio Manager will take care of the entire execution of the trade.

• Advisory: The Portfolio Manager suggests investment ideas when it comes to the Advisory mode. The timings of the investment decisions as well as the choices will solely rest with the Investor. However, in the Indian scenario, the majority of Portfolio Managers provide Discretionary Services.

In a nutshell, if you are an investor looking out for investing in asset classes such as equity, fixed income, or even structured products, or you wish for investing in personalised investment solutions with the intent of securing a long-term wealth creation strategy and will appreciate a high level of service,'s risk, wealth, and financial services is your nirvana! Get your free, no-obligation quote for a personalized Portfolio Management service right away today!

(c) Cashflow Investment At's, we promote investments that generate regular income. As experts in providing advisory services for why cashflow is important in your personal finances, we advise our clientele and provide techniques that can help in improving cashflow and thereby increase a steady flow of regular income.